About Us

Candlelighters NYC is an organization dedicated to helping families get through the difficult times when a child is diagnosed with and being treated for cancer .We assist through all stages: discovery, diagnosis, treatment and remission- “BECAUSE KIDS CAN’T FIGHT CANCER ALONE.”

Families shouldn’t have to fight cancer alone. Candlelighters NYC is a free service that is open to anyone who has a child being treated for Cancer in New York City.  Click here to sign up to be a Candlelighters NYC family by answering a few questions.

Our Address:
c/o Barbara Zobian
345 East 73rd Street, apt 2L
New York , NY 10021

Our Tax ID #: 20-8580720

Our Officers:


Barbara Zobian, President and Executive Director, Founder
Candlelighters NYC



Aaron Horn, Chairman of the Board, Director – IT, Iowa Interstate Railroad, Ltd.




Allen R. Ashkenazie, Vice President, Vice President – Almar Sales Co. Board Member – Candlelighters NYC and Angel Fund




Jessica Hester (Brooke’s Mom), Vice President, President and Founder, Brooke’s Blossoming Hope for Childhood Cancer, Inc (Non-Profit)




Michael P. La Quaglia, MD, FACS, FRCS – Trustee, Chief, Pediatric Surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center




Joseph Crispin, Treasurer, Sales Engineer at Stryker Communications



ehEllie Hanson, Secretary, B.A. International Studies, Concordia University Irvine




Christopher Wells, Video Producer, “Candlelighters NYC Official Video”, Owner of Kaleidoscope Pictures, Inc., www.Kpictures.com




Amy Gallet, Volunteer Coordinator, University of Delaware, Division Head, Wiesner Products Inc.